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The Swinerie is a charcuterie shop with an emphasis on whole animal butchery and locally sourced, humanely raised hogs. In addition to the local hogs, we will be using Compart Farms from the Mid-West as our entry level charcuterie. We offer everything from dry cured whole muscle and sausages to pâtés, terrines and fresh sausages. 

Our primary focus is quality. We are using the best ingredients that we can source and have put great importance on technique. The charcuterie we produce is based on traditional recipes, many of which we have translated from the language of origin. At the Swinerie we hold the utmost respect for tradition but we also understand the importance of progress. We do use modern equipment and technique when it enhances the product; not because it is a fad.

The inspiration for our food focuses mostly on the classic European canon of France, Italy, Germany and Spain but also draws from Ukraine, Thailand and beyond. The main goal of the Swinerie is to produce excellent food and educate our neighbors. We want to be the go-to for special events and a mid-week snack. Along with our retail case, we will also provide the charcuterie for Bar Molino.

We have five main local farms where we source our local hogs, chicken and eggs: Mill Creek (Statesboro, GA), Pastured Life (O’Brien, FL), Lola Farms (Lake Farms, FL), Frog Song Farms (Hawthorne, FL), and Hunter Cattle (Brooklet, GA). Our Lamb comes from Mill Creek and our beef from Hunter Cattle. 


The products will fall under five categories;  dry cured, fresh sausage, pâté, confit & rillette and cooked product. 

Our dry cured product consists of both sausage and whole muscle. We cure it in a salt and sugar mixture and hang in a temperature and humidity chamber until it loses 35% of its original weight.

A basic definition for sausage is a seasoned ground meat usually stuffed in a casing, Our fresh sausages will mostly be pork based and stuffed into hog casings. There will be exceptions to this, namely merguez – lamb in lamb casing, Txistor – pork in lamb casing and Texas Hot Links- beef and bacon in hog casing. 

Pâté and terrines are basically one in the same, any farce cooked in an earthenware container. A pâté would have a finer grind and be slightly more refined. 

The confit preservation technique consists of salting the meat then slowly poaching in fat and holding it in the fat it was cooked in. Rillette is a meat spread traditionally made with braised meats beaten with a paddle until smooth and capped with fat. A more modern version is rillette instead of braised and whipped with fat and capped with fat.

Cooked products are another wide ranging category. This category includes cooked hams, bacon, pastrami and the like. This category will include all of our smoked items, cooked whole muscle and cooked farces besides pâté and terrines.

Nitrites and Nitrates

We do use nitrites and nitrates. We believe that the risk of botulism far outweighs t the risk factors of these salts. Nitrates and nitrites have been used in charcuterie as far back as there have been charcuteries. Whether it was from saltpeter or sea salt, people have been using them. It is true that you can use celery powder or other vegetable derived nitrate powders but studies have shown to contain more nitrates than Prague Powder or Instacure. We believe in transparency and the use of vegetable derivatives hides the nitrates.

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