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The Swinerie is a farm-to-table Charcuterie market. We curate charcuterie boards using only the highest quality ingredients. Our dry cured meats are crafted in-house, using locally sourced heritage pigs. Fine domestic and imported cheeses and olive oils, along with local, in season fruits and vegetables are paired to create a true culinary experience. We proudly serve our neighbors in San Marco and the greater Northeast Florida community.


Our stock is limited & constantly changing. Please call to confirm inventory.


Our dry cured product consists of both sausage and whole muscle. We cure it in a salt and sugar mixture and hang in a temperature and humidity chamber until it loses 35% of its original weight.


A basic definition for sausage is a seasoned ground meat usually stuffed in a casing, Our fresh sausages will mostly be pork based and stuffed into hog casings. There will be exceptions to this, namely merguez – lamb in lamb casing, Txistor – pork in lamb casing and Texas Hot Links- beef and bacon in hog casing.


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Perfection in pork! Premium quality in every aspect of our meats and service.